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Cape Mohair, founded in 1991, is the largest mohair sock manufacturer in the world. The company is passionate about experimenting and expanding its ranges, and after mastering the art of knitting, it tackled weaving throws. Cape Mohair is now South Africa’s most loved and trusted mohair blanket brand, bringing its products not only onto the feet, but into the homes of happy customers. 

Cape Mohair is fiercely ethical from the start of the mohair chain, beginning at its own angora farm in the Western Cape. It monitors the health and care of each of the animals – many of which have their own names and personalities to go along with them – and it follows the strict Sustainable Mohair Industry production guidelines that regulate shearing process. Cape Mohair is committed to creating jobs, maintaining rural livelihoods and treading lightly on the environment.



Cape Mohair (6)

Mohair Throw Blanket in Marsala - Clearance


Mohair Throw Blanket in Midnight Blue - Clearance


Mohair Throw Blanket in Moss Green - Clearance


Mohair Throw Blanket in Merlot Red - Clearance


Mohair Throw Blanket in Flax - Clearance


Mohair Throw Blanket in Highlander Plaid - Clearance